Best Infrared Anti Cellulite Massage Machines For Home Use

best infrared anti cellulite massage machines

Cellulite is a common skin condition that gives the skin a lumpy and dimpled look. It occurs when fat pushes against connective tissues in the skin and mostly appears around the thighs and hips. The condition affects over 85-90% of adult women. The causes can include a stressful lifestyle, obesity, hormones, and poor metabolism. Cellulite is entirely harmless but makes women feel conscious about their body. They may avoid wearing shorter dresses and might suffer from looks-related insecurities. Hence, it is an undesirable condition, and throughout history, women have tried various remedies to cure it. Most solutions hardly work, or at most provide a cosmetic effect. However, if you want to see long-term results, you should try an infrared anti cellulite massage machine. This is a new technology that has become popular with women looking to manage their cellulite condition. Before you go out to buy these, check our list of top 10 best infrared anti cellulite massage machines. Table of Content

Best Infrared Anti Cellulite Machines – Comparison

 Infrared Anti Cellulite MachinesPrice
Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage MachineGlo910 IR Anti Cellulite Machine$299
BTHOCING Infrared Electric Anti-Cellulite RemoverBTHOCING Infrared Electric Anti Cellulite Machine$38
ProBody Slim & Shape Anti-Cellulite Massager SystemProBody Slim & Shape Anti Cellulite Machine$49
infrared ray full body anti cellulite massagerInfrared Ray Full Body Anti Cellulite Machine$53
Infrared Electrical Vibrating Anti-Cellulite Massage MachineInfrared Electrical Vibrating Anti Cellulite Machine$63
Professional Anti-cellulite Machine by HimpokejgProfessional Anti Cellulite Machine by Himpokejg$59
Mini Infrared Cellulite Massager by GZDMini Infrared Cellulite Machine by GZD$45
Infrared Anti Cellulite Massager by SalmueInfrared Anti Cellulite Machine by Salmue$39
YAVOCOS Anti Cellulite MassagerYAVOCOS Anti Cellulite Machine$38
Portable Infrared Anti Cellulite MassagerPortable Infrared Anti Cellulite Machine$29

Best Infrared Anti Cellulite Machines – Reviews

1. Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine

Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine
Glo910 IR Anti Cellulite Massage Machine

$299 – Amazon

The Glo910+ breaks down the cellulite by using heat and infrared light therapy. It includes 16 infrared lights and 16 LED lights designed to drain toxins and burn fat cells. This machine also includes four interchangeable rollers that work at various speeds and pressure and set the fat cells into motion. While it is a bit pricey, it does what it says and is an excellent investment. As the name suggests, it is a handheld system that uses light energy to improve tone and skin texture. It serves as the best massager machine that penetrates deep into tissues and reduces cellulite from the buttock, and thighs.

2. BTHOCING Infrared Electric Anti Cellulite Machine

BTHOCING Infrared Electric Anti-Cellulite Remover
BTHOCING Infrared Electric Anti Cellulite Machine

$38.99 – Amazon

This machine uses a combination of three technologies: Infrared + ultrasonic + EMS. The infrared helps to penetrate deep into the skin, while ultrasonic features create a frequency that matches the vibration of the body cells. Combined, they generate heat that accelerates blood circulation. This also promotes the excretion of melanin, burns fat, and tightens the skin. If used regularly, it clears the dimples and bumps on the body and activates histiocytes to prevent cellulite from reoccurring.

3. ProBody Slim & Shape Anti Cellulite Massage Machine

ProBody Slim & Shape Anti-Cellulite Massager System
ProBody Slim & Shape Anti Cellulite Machine

$49 – Amazon

This device is a perfect combination of great features at a reasonable price. Working between 440 and 860 nanometers, the infrared goes deep into the skin tissues to promote blood circulation and to nourish and rebuild skin cells. Furthermore, the package comes with a topical cream that works with the massager to breakdown cellulite in the body. For best results, use it daily for 10-15 minutes, directly on top of the affected area. To see results, you need at least 4-6 weeks of consistent use.

4. Infrared Ray Full Body Anti Cellulite Machine

infrared ray full body anti cellulite massager
infrared ray full body anti cellulite machine

$53 – Amazon

This machine has a unique design and comes with two moveable rollers in the cup. These rollers allow you to move the massager over different parts of the skin freely. As you move the cup, the infrared rays act directly on the skin to stimulate cells and accelerate blood circulation. Working with this is the built-in electronic suction system. The suction, when directly applied to the skin, helps to remove cellulite and body wrinkles. Both these systems work together to provide an easy solution to beat cellulite. For best results, to use it daily for up to 15 minutes and you will be able to see results within 2 months.

5. Infrared Electrical Vibrating Anti Cellulite Machine

Infrared Electrical Vibrating Anti-Cellulite Massage Machine
Infrared Electrical Vibrating Anti Cellulite Machine

$63 – Amazon

While larger than most other machines on this list, it can produce powerful vibrations. This, combined with the effect of the infrared rays, accelerates blood circulation discharges fat and improves skin elasticity. The massager is easy to use within the privacy of your own home and is small enough to carry. You can easily target key problem areas such as thighs, buttocks, and to remove cellulite directly. However, this is not a rechargeable machine, and you will need to keep it plugged in when in use. For best results, use it for up to 20 minutes daily for 6-8 weeks.

6. Professional Anti Cellulite Machine by Himpokejg

Professional Anti-cellulite Machine by Himpokejg
Professional Anti Cellulite Machine by Himpokejg

$59 – Amazon

Inspired by professional massagers, this machine has tons of features at a great price. It uses powerful motors to generate rotation and vibration. This provides a therapeutic massage and improves blood flow and fluid retention. This works with a powerful infrared that generates heat and encourages lymphatic drainage and better skin elasticity. Combined, they help to eliminate cellulite and skin flaccidity. The product ships with several removable heads that provide a variety of massage sensations on different parts of the body. The machine is not water-proof, and it is better to keep it away from children and pets. Also, while it is not rechargeable, the device is small and easy to carry. So if you travel a lot, you can always take it with you. It is an excellent product for a busy woman who does not have a lot of time in the day but wants to improve their skin condition. Ideally, use it for 30 minutes every day for 4-6 weeks for best results.

7. Mini Infrared Cellulite Machine by GZD

Mini Infrared Cellulite Massager by GZD
Mini Infrared Cellulite Machine by GZD

$45 – Amazon

One of the most recognizable features of this machine is its compact size. One of the best devices in this list, the ergonomic design allows a comfortable grip and the ability to reach all of the most troubled areas. Designed with the business traveler in mind, this is both portable and easy to store. However, don’t let the size deceive you. The machine comes with a powerful infrared system that provides a 3-D effect and reaches deep into the pores of the skin. It helps in lymph circulation, removes accumulated toxins, and helps to defeat cellulite. It also has a ball massage head, that can provide pleasant massage sensations. To see clear results, you will need to use it daily for at least 2 months.

8. Infrared Anti Cellulite Machine by Salmue

Infrared Anti Cellulite Massager by Salmue
Infrared Anti Cellulite Machine by Salmue

$39 – Amazon

This device is inspired by the Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese therapy that helps to improve skin and overall fitness. It is a stylish and compact massager that is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and enables five different kinds of physiotherapies. All this without the need for separate massage heads or other add-ons. The whole machine weighs less than two pounds, which makes it easy to carry and use on the go. It is a high-impact massager with powerful vibrations that provide a deep and relaxing massage. It also comes with a unique brush called the Meridian Massage Brush. This brush is entirely different from other brushes or heads available in the market. It is a unique design that helps to manage fatigue, scrap skin, and detoxify the body. At the same time, the infrared provides a deep heat therapy that reaches the muscles and skin cells. This helps to destroy toxins and cellulite, while at the same time, regulating blood circulation and improving vitality. For best results, use this device daily for at least six weeks.

9. YAVOCOS Anti Cellulite Machine

YAVOCOS Anti Cellulite Massager
YAVOCOS Anti Cellulite Machine

$38 – Amazon

This is a unique device designed not just to fight cellulite but also for an effective facial massage. The machine can be adjusted for intensity depending on what you need, from a simple massage to high powered scrapping for cellulite. Apart from the benefits of a massage, it is also powerful EMS treatment for muscle training. Combine this, with infrared, and the device becomes a powerful application for the reduction and elimination of cellulite. It is slim in design and is also convenient to carry. For best results, use it daily for up to 4-6 weeks.

10. Portable Infrared Anti Cellulite Machine

Portable Infrared Anti Cellulite Massager
Portable Infrared Anti Cellulite Machine

$29 – Amazon

This small device provides amazing portability and ease-of-use. It has an ergonomic design with a firm grip helping you reach virtually every place on your body. It is ideal for reducing cellulite and flaccidity, while at the same time improving blood circulation and toning muscles. The infrared reaches deep into the skin cells helping to break down fat and making your skin look more smooth and beautiful. Apart from that, it is also helpful as an anti-stress massager when applied to the back of your neck. The device comes in a pink color that is a joy to carry around and can fit in your purse. Using it daily for just 30 minutes will show you visible results in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Best Infrared Anti Cellulite Machine -Buyer Guide

An infrared massager is a small machine that helps to reduce cellulite build up. It is a combination of infrared therapy and a deep muscle massage. The purpose of this combination is to strengthen skin tissues. It relaxes and tightens the muscles through massage and penetrates deep into muscles with infrared light. Whereas, infrared improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and stimulates tissue repair. Most of them are easy to operate and do not require a lot of effort. They are also safe for use but must be kept out of reach of children and pet

What Makes Infrared Cellulite Machine Different From Other Treatments?

What makes this solution different from others is the power of infrared light. Sunlight is the most vital source of energy on this earth. The infrared mimics this source of energy and goes deep into the skin, reaching deep tissues and skin cells. Compared to other methods, it is more ‘natural’ and safe to use. In the long run, it is also more cost-effective than either topical creams or surgeries.

What Should I Look for in an Infrared Cellulite Machine?

All infrared cellulite machines are the same. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and some are designed to fight a certain kind of cellulite condition. That’s why it is essential to know what your needs are and what you are looking for in your infrared anti cellulite machine.


There are handheld models that are small and compact and are easy to carry. You might also find devices that have numerous other features, such as facial massage or neck massage. Hence, when you are going to buy a new infrared anti cellulite machine, you need to look at its functionalities and how it will last you in the long run. Do you want something only good for thighs and belly, or do you want more flexibility with devices that can reach lower back, or neck to give you a simple massage as well?

Cellulite Condition

Not all infrared anti cellulite machines can handle severe conditions. Before buying a device, make sure you understand your cellulite intensity and buy a machine that can handle it. Not all infrared massage devices are built to handle ‘hard’ cellulite. Buying the wrong one will only be a waste of money, so be careful.


Don’t go for a large and expensive infrared massager if you don’t intend to use all its features. Some models cost hundreds of dollars, and while they may be great for some, it may not be the right choice for you.


If you are successfully using topical creams, herbal medicines, oils or other home remedies, you can continue to use them with an infrared anti cellulite machine. It is not a ‘replacement’ for other remedies, though it is possibly one of the only devices in the market that has proven to show real results. These are very convenient to use, and you do not have to spend hours a day massaging your problem areas. Some women also think that the older they get, the more difficult it is to fight cellulite. Nothing can be further from the truth. In reality, many customers give up too early, if they don’t notice any improvements in a day or two. Remember that your cellulite condition is a culmination of years of fatty fibers. Do not expect to see results in a few days. This needs to become part of your daily routine and needs to be religiously, followed for a minimum of two months to see any noticeable difference. For best results, keep on exercising, eat healthily, have a good sleep, and try to stay fit. All these combined can have a powerful impact on your body and help to fight pesky toxins and fats.